In customer service we offer

Spare parts as per original technology, warranty and post warranty maintenance, accessories for installation. 

Training and consulting services on programs agreed with customers. 


Press forging operations:

- Stamping and punching of steel parts with stamp sizes up to 0.500 kg and up to Ø100.

- Stamping and punching of brass parts with stamp sizes from 0,100 kg to 300 kg or Ø140mm, or 140 x 80mm, with horizontal or vertical profile.

Casting of brass parts:

- Casting of brass parts using mechanical die machine for parts up to 1,5 kg and the total weight of die up to 5 kg.

- Casting of brass parts using large die machine for parts with core up to 10 kg and without core up to 3kg. Maximum dimensions of dies are up to 400 x 250 x 160 mm.

- Making foundry cores with maximum volume up to 6dm3 and minimum volume of 0,120dm3.

 Any type of Machining - without any great overall body parts and cutting of gears.

 Production of plastic parts

Thermoplastic materials are processed by the method of injection molding, and the course of processing does not violate the chemical and structural properties of the polymer. This allows reusing in subsequent processing the waste from the process.

The plastic materials are pre-sorted by type; color and pollution and grinded in the area to grind plastic.

We are using Thermoplastics with both crystalline and amorphous structure of the polymer: Polystyrene impact proof and non impact proof PES, polypropylene PP, low pressure polyethylene LDPE, high pressure polyethylene HDPE, polyamides PA 6 (and glass filled), polyamide PA 11, polyamide PA 12 (and glass filled) polycarbonate PC, polyoxymethylene (POM Acetalcopolymerisat)

The quality of injection molded parts is ensured by a process of pre-drying the material in drying ovens and controlled temperature of molds with special equipment.

We are using injection molding machines, horizontal type with worm screw devices and vertical type with piston injection devices for plasticization of plastic material, with electronic mechanical closing and hydro mechanical closing.

Minimum weight of details - 0,005 kg and a maximum weight - up to 0.130 kg in a single injection into the tool.

We have machines to leading manufacturing companies: Engel, Battenfeld, NISSEI, TOS, Formoplast, with overall dimensions for operation: opening move up to 380 mm, distance between columns 380 mm.

Our clients are ABB Control, Elprom, Avtonommetal, Ekita and others.


- Dipping galvanizing on steel parts with dimensions up to 1.5 x 0.6 m

- Galvanizing in drum of parts weighing up to 25 kg and minimum sizes larger than 5x5x5mm

- Suspension of nickel on brass parts, with dimensions up to 1.2 x 0.6 m

- Cleaning (degreasing) of parts of steel and brass in sizes up to 1.2 x 0.6 m

 Line for electrostatic powder coating of parts with dimensions up to 1.5 x 0.8 m

Winding of asynchronous motors

Repair and subsequent verification of water meters produced by the company in authorized laboratory

. Initial and subsequent verification of diaphragm flow meter up to G 6 in authorized laboratory



Center for complex service of water supply and sewerage

Ovcha kupel quarter, 34A, Ljubljana Str, 
phone: +359 888 565042


    REPAIR warranty and post warranty on all types of water meters, own production Installation, dismantling and replacement of water meters and plumbing installations METROLOGICAL VERIFICATION SEALING AND REGISTRATION in Sofia Water 





    Water meters check 

    Initial and subsequent verification after repair of water meters, own production, made by an authorized testing laboratory of the company. 


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