BELASITSA AD Petrich is a company with 57 years of experience in the manufacture of measuring and testing instruments and electrical apparatus.

By implementing and maintaining an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System as an integral part of the company's overall policy and strategy, we aim to continuously meet the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers by offering them quality products and services by improving Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, and continuous improvement of the work on environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, applying relevant legal requirements.

We want to create for our customers, both for us competitive advantage in the areas of:

- Economic benefits

- Quality and reliability

- Custom solutions

- Guaranteed service

- Environmental protection.


In a constantly increasing competition, shrinking market and frequent changes in regulatory requirements, the management and the team of the company shall pursue the following objectives:

  • Implementation and maintenance of the product standards, taking into account the strict regulatory framework of the activity.

OIML R 49-1:2013 – Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water. Part 1: Metrological and technical requirements

OIML R49-2:2013 – Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water. Part 2: Test methods

OIML R49-3: 2013 - Water meters intended for the metering of cold potable water and hot water=.Part 3: Test report format


ISO 4064 Water meters for cold potable water and hot water

ISO 4064-1:2017 Metrological and technical requirements

ISO 4064-2:017 Testmethods

ISO 4064-3:2014 Testreport format

ISO 4064-5:2017 Installation reqirements

  • Continuous improvement of the Quality Management System based on ISO 9001:2015, providing improvement of the organizational activities of the company and implementation of regulated and projected requirements of the customers, and to implement and maintain the requirements of БДС EN ISO / IEC 17025
  • Placing on the market and putting into operation of water meters that, by means of conformity assessment, ensure compliance with the requirements of the Ordinance on Essential Requirements and Conformity Assessment of Measuring Instruments implementing the Directive 2014/32/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 February 2014 on the harmonization of the legislation of Member States for making available on the market of measuring instruments.
  • Building and confirming the image of the company as a responsible and concerned about the customers by:
  • offering new products, meeting the latest trends in sector
  • individual solutions and configurations for implementation of the projects
  • extending the warranty and out of warranty service through new relationships with partners and subcontractors
  • introduction of new technology solutions with economic impact
  • systematically inform and educate about the new benefits of widest possible range of partners and customers.

The quality of the water meter types BSJ2,5; BSJ4; BSJ4М; BMJ4; BMJ6.3; BMJ10; BMJ16; BTV25-R; BTV25; BTV40; BTV63; BTV100 is based on the commitments made in the conformity assessment for the fulfillment of the technical requirements and the implementation and maintenance of the approved quality system for the production, the monitoring of the product and the testing of the water meters.

The quality of the other types of water meters produced by the company is determined by legal regulations and technical rules for repair and subsequent verification after repair of the water meters.

Our quality policies also apply to internal customer-to-supplier relationships


Environmental protection tasks concern to one of the factors for achieving customer and other interested parties satisfaction.


  • Continuous improvement of products, processes and environmental management system to prevent environmental pollution.
  • Involve and motivate all staff to achieve the objectives by enhancing their skills and competence.
  • Compliance with all requirements and commitments for environmental protection.
  • Systematic control and analysis of the activities for detection and prevention of hazards of environmental pollution.
  • Timely and anticipated detection and correction of potential problems, and avoiding potential problems.
  • Detecting and correcting existing problems and preventing their recurrence.


1. Systematic detection and resolution of the problems related to the quality and the environment.

2. Providing full transparency of the activity of developing and maintaining the Quality and Environment Management System for the members of the company, the customers and the general public.

3. Improvement of mutually beneficial cooperation with suppliers and customers.

4. Regulating clear relationships, competences and responsibilities in the work of the departments of the company.

5. Performing periodical internal audits in all company's departments for the functioning of the Quality and Environmental Management System.

6. Planned and systematic improvement of the quality and environmental impact of the production on the basis of the personal involvement of each employee of the company.

7. Providing the necessary resources for the functioning of the system, and the implementation of the planned improvements.

By publicizing the company's policy to the public through the Internet, and to distributors and partners – through seminars and promotional materials, the Management declares its commitment to quality and environmental concerns.






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