Radio rading systems

Radio rading systems

    Designation: The system is designed for remote control and reporting of water consumption at a distance of up to 50m in buildings and up to 200m in direct visibility. All available water meters can be implemented with a radio reporting module.

    Performance options:

    First version of the system /walk-by/ consists of Belasitsa water meters, a data transmission module that can be retrofitted without disassembly of the water meter and a mobile collection station (totaliser / tablet) that receives the information and transfers it to the Water Supply company's server. Each collection station (totaliser / tablet) can receive and store the data of a large number of subscribers grouped by files.

     Second version /FIX/ of the system consists of Belasitsa water meters, a module for radio transmission of data, an antenna and a smart device and a data receiver to the Water Supply company's server. In this case, there is no need the collector to visit the client's address, having in mind that data will be transferred on line (in real time) to the Water Supply company's server.

    What is a water meter with radio reader

• Functions at legal broadcast frequency of 688MHz and 433MHz of the radio signal.

• The power of emission is about 10 mW.

• It covers a distance of up to 200 m in case of direct visibility. In a residential building - depends on the type of the building and the location of the water meter, but not fewer than several floors.

• Each water meter is numbered with its factory number, which is assigned to the address and the owner's name. Several water meters can be assigned to one owner.

• Data is reported by a collection station with a display. A collection station may have unlimited subscribers grouped by files.


• The mode of pulse counting is changed. There is no way to manipulate the sensor with a magnet or any electromagnetic field.

• Not affected by moisture and condensation.

• To reach a greater distance each water meter can retransmit data, i.e. to act as an intermediate station (repeater). Thus, up to 6 water meters can be connected sequentially.

• The energy consumption is even more reduced, and the battery lasts for a lifetime of 7 to 10 years, with built-in battery meter function and signal to the reporter for trouble or interference.

    Optionally, a stationary station for subscriber information may be installed. The data of each reported water meter is displayed in sequence.

    The collection station is connected to the mobile one by radio (for close distances). Optionally, the stationary station can be connected to the reporting agent via wire internet or Wi-Fi, via a GSM module built into it. The data collection can then be done remotely via Internet, via GPRS connection or via SMS.

    Advantages of our systems for remote reading of water meters:

• Simplified system (no need cabling).

• Data reporting without entering the subscriber's house.

• Independent power supply via a lithium battery life up to 10 years.

• Electronic data reporting and computer processing.

• Option to download data for a selected subscriber.

• Impossibility for incorrect data reporting and manipulations.

• Possibility of control via a mechanical counte.

• Frequency of broadcasting is license exempt.

• Water supply company reports the consumption without any additional service charge.

• Within 5 minutes, the person reading the data can report the water consumption of a building with 100 water meters.

• Invoices are issued every month based on current consumption information and automatic calculation of amounts due is not required.


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