Welcome to our site

Welcome to our site

    "Belassitsa" S.A. is a Bulgarian manufacturer of water meters and your partner in business. 

    "Belassitsa" S.A. is a stable working company on the bulgarian market since the 1965. It realizes a wide range of products for measurement and control. The company produces and offers measure appliances for hot and cold water, gas, electrical appliances, stand apparatus and provides services in the field of measure appliances control, ensures guarantee and not repairs. 
    We give special attention to the quality of our products. A regular control of the raw materials, the details and the meetings is carrying out. The final step in the watermeters quality control is their full examination in a specialized laboratory where the metrological characteristics of the watermeters and the fulfillment of the normative requirements are examined. 
    The company introduces new technologies actively and buys special licenses which places the production of Belassitsa Jsc in the ranks of preferrence. 
    Since its establishment, the company has achieved reputation of a reliable business partner that is carrying out exactly the engagements to the clients, to its suppliers and collaborators. 
    In its engineering and designing activities Belassitsa Jsc develops and enlarges the products range as it improves the quality and the characteritics of the watermeter. 
    The reliability and the quality of the watermeters is confirmed in the certificates and in the fact of 1 500 000 sales made in the last 10 years. 
    The customers are in the center of our business and we offer consulting in accordance to the individual needs and problems, giving special quotes to our clients.



Declaration of the Management on Safety and Health at Work

Cerificate № DAS 88960746/2/O

The long-term success of the enterprise depends largely on the knowledge, skills, innovation and motivation of the employees especially. In the current economic situation, it is important to show that we value and respect their contribution.

Compliance with labour legislation and providing a healthy and safe environment ensures the basic needs of the personnel as part of the overall responsibility to the society, environment and economy.

System for OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) management covers production, processes, activities, jobs, work equipment at all stages of the implementation of the work: design, construction, commissioning, operation process, reconstruction, modernization, maintenance, preventive maintenance, repair and processes of removal of operation and liquidation.


The policy is aimed at creating conditions for the protection of the health of workers and ensures safety by achieving:

• Reduction of losses and costs of accidents, accidents at work, occupational diseases, etc. work-related diseases with temporary disability.

• Up-to-date risk assessment for the planning of appropriate control measures.

• Compliance with the safety requirements of production and cooperation to enhance the safety of the user of the product.

• Constantly improvement of OSH, dwindling to a complete elimination of occupational accidents, occupational diseases, accidents.


The announcement of the company's policy, its study and perception of all personnel is an important moment for the effective management of OSH. On this basis, achieved motivation of staff and made arrangements for its implementation.


OSH policy is implemented through:

• Regulating the internal rules, which in the safe operation and implementation of procedures and compliance with the applicable law, create conditions for the continuous improvement of the individual elements and the overall system for managing safety and health at work.

• Ensuring the participation of workers in OSH management system. In the process of developing and implementing the measures taking account of the opinion of the workers, and discussion in the Committee on Working Conditions, before acceptance by the management.

• Staff training on topics related to OSH is essential, necessary and indispensable in the overall strategy of training and qualifications.

• Organization and statement of OSH measures,

• Improving the effectiveness of the OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) management system, such as introducing changes in working conditions and work organization.

• Preventive and control measures in the company resulting from the control, monitoring, measurement and evaluation of the results of the implementation of the management system.

The supervisors and managers of departments and responsible officials, as well as members of the Committee on Working Conditions monitor to ensure safe working conditions and compliance with the rules on health and safety at work by the staff.


                                                                                                                                      Sergey Revalski, Executive director

                       Environmental policy

Certificate №DAS59427949/2/E

The Management of "BELASSITSA" AD officially declares that the preservation of the environment for our company means a two-way process of responsibility to the customers and the public on the quality of the living environment on the one hand and on the other is good publicity and builds confidence in our business and our products.

Implemented and effective environment management system is a prerequisite for the environmental problems of the public to become part of the thinking and actions of all employees.

The Tasks of preservation of the environmental concern to one of the factors to achieve the satisfaction of the customers and the other interested parties.

  • Materials used are harmless to human health in accordance with the requirements of the normative documents and the function of the products. Basic materials are brass and plastic, which are subject to secondary processing and recycling.
  • Production and auxiliary processes have good technological level and negligible impact on the environment.

Each employee knows policy of the management and is aware that the functioning environmental management system is not rigid, and always processes of improvement will be evoked.

The policy is aimed at achieving:

Continuous improvement of products, processes and environmental managemen system in order to prevent environmental pollution, reduce non-ferrous metals and plastics used and energy consumption of products, avoiding the use of harmful substances and mixtures in the production, waste reduction through increased reliability and the lifetime of the products.

Involvement and motivation of all staff to achieve the objectives through training and competence.

Maintaining compliance with the requirements of the current regulations and the requirements of other organizations (partners, non-governmental organization, public organization, etc.) for the preservation of the environment.

Systematic monitoring and analysis of manufacturing activities in order to detect and prevent potential hazards of environmental pollution

Finding and fixing existing problems and prevent recurrence.


By disclosure of the company policy of society through the Internet, and to distributors and partners - seminars and promotional materials, the management declares its solidarity with the problems of environmental preservation.




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